In my previous blog I talked about how the use of certain mediums have a large influence on how your message is taken. In this post we will begin to talk about well formed relavent content to draw visitors in and keep them coming back to your website. We use various forms of electonic medium today to communicate and convey messages.  Whether it is a reminder text sent via cell phone to pickup eggs at the market, a personnal note via email to make someone smile, a tweet or live video broadcast to garner reaction or convey a message of urgency.  Every message is a way of connecting us to one person in the same office, members of a special interest forum, or an entire country half way around the world.  There is no limit to what is possible if your message is A, of interest, and B, formed correctly to navigate your choice of medium.

So how do we make an impact in the global village? Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is what I have to say relavent to my mission or website purpose?
    If you own a business, or have a topic centric website, you should make your topics of content of value to your audience.  Posting pictures of your family, pets, interests (Outside the scope of the website) or cute kitten images / videos are a sure way to drive away viewers. Stay on topic. This applies to EVERY media outlet (or medium) that you use.  I have unfollowed / unliked many business pages because they were more interested in posting what they did on their vacation and what they had to eat last night , than what their latest business success or project was.
  2. Focus on one focused topic or making a specific point.
    If you are a landscape company writing about preparation for winter, including a comment about what flowers to plant in may makes no sense. Keep it about preparation, potential storm damage, and if you offer it snow removal. Try and throw a tip or suggestion that is a small free piece of advice.  Every piece of content you produce should have a VALUE ADDED benefit that keeps your audience coming back and coming to the realization that if this is what I am getting for free, the benefit of paying for your service has an even greater value added benefit.
  3. How do I get my message out there?
    This is a very long topic and I will be discussing this in detail on future blog posts.  But begin by taking these steps to start with.
    1. Keep the title specifc with use of keywords
    2. Use all opportuinities to use keywords and descriptions
    3. Post on social media. (Remember anything posted to Google+ gets automatically indexed by Google)
    4. Encourage sharing

Thats all for now, this topic could take 10+ pages but will be spoon fed to keep your interest and hopefully keep you coming back ;-)


Oct 10, 2017 By Mike Taylor