We pride ourselves that Weaving Media has a client track record that has an averagerelationship of over 6 years.  The reason for this is simple. We get the job done.  Do we hit a home run everytime?  No.  But we do win the game in the end.  We have been described as tenacious when finding a solution to a particular problem.  This is due to the fact that there is no such thing as a problem, only a delayed solution. (Ok so the delay sometimes is eternal) But we always seek a compromise or alternative solution to satisfy the clients needs.
All relationships require give and tale and compromise, and business relationships are no different.  An example was a client who wanted a full featured image editor for the WYSIWYG editor on their article edit pages.  There is currently no solution for this at this time.  But we proposed creating templated styles that would allow their editor to have a selection of styles and sizes to more often than not achieve the results he was looking for without having to use photoshop to get results. Was this the ideal solution?  No, and we didn't hit the homerun we strive for, but we did get a ground rule double!  We look for solutions.  Solutions geared toward the client.  In the end we have a winning average.   

Apr 12, 2016 By Mike Taylor