United Sports Publications has been a Weaving Media client for over 7 years.  Back when we first started they had 2 Drupal 6 websites built on the Open Publish distribution.  In 2016 with the sunset of Drupal 6, we began to make plans to migrate Long Island Tennis Magazine and New York Tennis Magazine to Drupal 7 incorporating new functionality, and a fresh new graphically oriented look and feel. 

The idea was to add more images to all articles and blog images and make use of the latest Application Program Interfaces (API) for social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  In addition to these API's, we will be integrating the Facebook Instant Articles API. User experience / user interface had to take a prominent focus in this upgrade, taking the site from a dated heavy text newspaper look to one that incorporated a primary article showcase (Views Gridstack), and image driven blogs and monthly feature articles. 

This rebuild also included a re-examination of the taxonomy vocabularies, refocusing terms and trimming the number to provide a narrower focus that took into account geographical / regional topics.  Finally, we made additional SEO improvements with the inclusion of the https protocol and the eventual integration of the AMP mobile interface.  Our end result is a fresh new look with additional editorial functionality.  All in all game set and match for United Sports Publications.

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New York and Long Island Tennis Magazine websites
The relationship of these magazines was such that they needed to mirror each other.