New York and Long Island Tennis Magazine websites

United Sports Publications has been a client of Weaving Media for almost 8 years.  In that time we have maintained their Drupal 6 Open Publish websites ( & adjusting them,  giving them a make over adding the theming nescessary to bring them into the mobile era of the internet. 

All of this was leading up to the point where they were ready to allow us to update these sites to Drupal 7 with bootstrap themeing, giving them a fresh updated graphical look.  Data from both sites was migrated over using the same taxonomy vocabularys.

We added bold graphical Grid Stack displays at the top of each site allowing the newest articles the exposure needed, and a new presentation style for articles and features.  We worked with the editorial staff to give them the latest cutting edge tools in which to do their work and in some cases shorten the time needed to do some specific tasks.  We updated all of their social media interfaces, and will be adding facebook instant articles in the coming weeks.
All of this culminates into a fresh new look that will keep readers coming back for more.  To see how we can refresh your aging website with a new look and improved SEO and functionality, give us a call at (267)644-5185 or fill out our contact form.

Oct 16, 2017 By Mike Taylor