Content development and ROI on social media

We are currently in the middle of 4 projects, and one of the questions we get from clients is what is a good ROI in Social Media.  Return On Investment (ROI), is a tricky question.  With the advent of the Internet and Cellphones, and the ability to have Amazon drop your purchase on your doorstep in 2 hours, we live in a day and age of instant gratification.  However, there is no instant result on implementing a social media strategy.

So what are some good moves you should make that will have some positive results?  Here are a few.

    You need to be constantly adding new and up to date information on your website.  It needs to be relative to your business and should be on a fresh current topic. Using references in your content provides a source of links to those who may back link to you and increase your visibility on search engines. Now we will discuss content development in a future blog post, so lets get on to where and how to post about your content.
    Just like in real estate where you share / post your content is critical.  So yes while Google is King, there are some other outlets where you can post your content to get traction.
      Facebook Instant Articles is a great way to publish articles and blog posts.
      An amazing tool that gets your content out on FaceBook to gain traction on the largest social network
      Google Plus arrived on the scene in 2011 hoping to take on Facebook.  While this has not happened and G+ appears to be slanted towards the male population, ANYTHING posted on Google Plus is Automatically indexed on the Google Search Engine.  Well worth posting to.
      Pinterest has grown significantly for SEO in the last 3 years making it a great source more for visual content, but none the less it is EASY to pin an article by installing the Pinterest Plugin on your browser, so with the click of an icon you can post your content instantly.
    4. Instagram
      Instagram has EXPLODED in the last 3 years.  People post ANYTHING from pictures their meals, to pictures their children and pets, to their products and pictures of them performing services.  Just make sure you are focused on the subject matter you want your viewers to see.  A crowd shot of you doing something that just shows you as one of many will do you no good.  Make sure you convey your message by making it the primary focus of your images.

There are many more places to share your content, and I will circle back to this in a future blog post to further explain how they can benefit you.

    Setup reminders to post on Google Calendar or use one of the many tools out their (Hubspot has one, and here is a link to a Board on Pinterest with lots of Ideas).  So post and post often.

So start posting and see your content gain traction and your site visitors grow.  Until next time, Mike

Sep 20, 2017 By Mike Taylor